Neko Suites Cat Hotel – Cat Boarding Service In Ipoh

Book a vacation stay for your cat.

We want your cats to feel at home at our cat hotel in Ipoh.

Amenities At Neko Suites Cat Hotel, Ipoh

Air Conditioning
Double Doors
Quality Food
Dog-Free Environment
Filtered Drinking Water
Cat Cam
Clean Environment
Playroom At Neko Suites Cat Hotel In Ipoh

Our Mission

Want to go somewhere but can’t bring your beloved cats? We know the feeling.

Feel safe knowing your cat(s) are in good hands.

Make Neko Suites your cat(s)’ second home.


Our Details

Address: 29A, Jalan Perpaduan Indah 5, Taman Perpaduan Indah, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm (Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

Contact: 017-586 3165


Feedback From Customers

16 reviews on
My cat Jinggo was treated very well; I was updated daily on Jinggo's well-being; Neko Suites is very clean and conducive for cats!
Anis Jieha
Anis Jieha
Fall in love at first place! Both owner Neko very very nice. Highly recommended to all cat owners out there. Dont hesitate ya. Comfortable place Spacious playroom Tip top service Thank you so much for taking care Snowy🥰. He said he wanted to stay there forever, dont want to go home🤣
Najwa Hamzah
Najwa Hamzah
We LOVE love Neko Suites Cat Hotel. It's worth our 1-hour trip. Super clean, spacious and SCREAMING AESTHETIC too. Also no weird smell at all! My husb told me “you know the typical pet shop smell right? dekat sini mcm bukan tempat kucing” 🤣 They update the pics and videos daily, so we felt really at ease leaving our furkids under their care. They also try their best to find the food that suits my cats. Overall, we are very happy and will definitely come again. Thank you so much NEKO Suites Cat Hotel for existing!
Zanariah Zainuddin
Zanariah Zainuddin
Tempat tinggal yang sangat selesa, bersih untuk Nini. Nini gembira berada di Neko Suites Cat Hotel dan Nini dapat cepat menyesuaikan diri. Hari-hari dapat bermain di Laman Mainan yang dilengkapi permainan. Nini juga dapat cepat mesra dengan penjaga di sini yang penuh dengan kasih sayang menyayangi Nini di sini. Tiada rasa gusar hantar Nini di sini kerana hari-hari mendapat gambar dan video Nini. InsyaAllah Nini akan stay lagi di sini. :)
Athirah Izzati
Athirah Izzati
Sangat berbaloi hantar kucing disini, staff sangat friendly dan jaga kucing dgn baik, persekitaran bersih, banyak mainan untuk kucing juga, jadi kucing tak stress, staff juga jaga makan dan minum kucing dgn baik, saya da 2 kali repeat hantar di tempat yg sama, sangat recommended.
spacious room for my little buddy with plenty time of playtime with air conditioners. Totally worth your money.
Cherry Chung
Cherry Chung
The place is very nice and spacious, there is a separate room for kitty to play. This place is very clean and full of toys for your kitty to play with. The owner is very good. They are sending me my kitty picture daily with a lot of videos. I definitely will come back and introduce this place to my friends. Thanks for taking care of Apple and playing with her. Appreciate it!
noor lailiza
noor lailiza
Thank you for taking such good care of mochi. 😄 we are happy to come again 👍


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but this is completely at your own risk.

We recommend that your cat is vaccinated at least 2 weeks before their check-in date and for two of these core vaccines – FVRCP (+ FeLV) and Rabies. These are highly infectious (and some potentially fatal) diseases.

You are also advised to bring your cat’s medical card during check-in.

If your cat cannot be vaccinated due to a medical condition, please bring along a note from the vet saying that your pet is fit for boarding.

We will accept cats that have not been neutered/ spayed. But these cats will not be allowed to leave their respective cat condos if they exhibit territorial or overly aggressive behavior.

Please note that we will not accept any cats in heat.

We prefer that your cat is pest-free from ear mites, ticks, fleas, and worms to prevent the spread of parasites to other cats at the hotel. If we see any signs of parasites while your cat is with us, we will limit the affected cat(s) access to common areas.

For precautionary measures, we request that you protect your cat with regular deworming and anti-tick/ flea medication and always be wary of the presence of ear mites (e.g., consistent scratching and dark solid discharge falling out of your cat’s ears).

We do sell Frontline at our hotel if you do not have any on hand. If your cat has not had a recent (i.e. more than a month) application of anti-tick/ flea medication, we will insist on applying some during check-in.