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Neko Suites values all of our clients and site visitors’ privacy and personal information. The following policy outlines and demonstrates our commitment to the security of the information you provide us with.

Be assured that Neko Suites will never disclose, share, rent, or sell any of your personal information to third parties for commercial benefits. Including other purposes that we do not disclose in this policy.

This policy also details the reasons behind any information (if any) that we require from our site visitors. Additionally, we will share how we protect this information and how we may use it.

Site Disclaimer

All users who visit, browse, and view (or the “Site”) agree that they are bound to the terms and conditions outlined here. belongs to and represents the Neko Suites Cat Hotel Enterprise in Malaysia. All current, future, or past features, linked social media platforms, products, and services of are subject to the terms and policies on this Site.

If users do not agree with or do not wish to comply with these conditions, please stop using the services of Neko Suites Cat Hotel Enterprise. This includes the use of

Neko Suites (Us)

  • Neko Suites (Neko Suites Cat Hotel Enterprise) reserves the right to make changes (including removal of features and changes of prices) to the website at any time without notice to users. Users cannot hold Neko Suites liable for any expenses, harm/ injury, or damages that may result from the use of (e.g., inaccurate information) or any products purchased via
  • While Neko Suites aims to provide accurate information on, any inaccuracies found by users can be reported and we will make the necessary amendments.
  • Neko Suites reserves the right to make changes to or withdraw these terms and conditions in part or completely at any time, without notice to users. These changes will be effective immediately upon publishing on

User (You)

  • Users agree not to compromise the security of (e.g., hacking, scamming, theft of information, etc).
  • Users agree to be fully responsible for any costs (legal or otherwise), liability, claims, and expenses that are incurred by us due to and caused by the infringement of these terms and conditions
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Information We Collect From You (And What We Do With It)

  • Our website does collect certain information related to your browsing data. We can use these statistics to see the number of site visitors, and which pages they are most interested in.
  • We will use such statistics solely for improving our website’s performance (and consequently our users’ browsing experience). You further acknowledge and agree that we may share this information with third parties (including potential advertising partners and business partners) when they request them.
  • Neko Suites reserves the right to disclose customer or site visitor information from to the relevant legal authorities if we believe that it is necessary to prevent harm or violation of rights to others.

Information You Choose To Submit To Us

  • Neko Suites will not take responsibility for any material you submit on or its linked social media platforms. We do not consider such material to be reviewed, endorsed, or approved by Neko Suites.
  • We reserve the right to remove any submitted material (by you) at any time and without informing you if the material has or is suspected (but not limited to) to have the following nature or intent towards Neko Suites’ employees, other users, or relevant third parties:
    • Abuse, harassment, blackmail, defamation, threat, etc
    • Containing indecent or unlawful content
    • Promotional/ marketing
  • Containing malware and other related software and programs that target Neko Suites’ and our partner(s) computer, network, website(s), and social media platforms
  • If you choose to send us anything via or our other social media platforms (including WhatsApp), know that Neko Suites is free to use, modify, duplicate, change, edit, reproduce, etc this material or information as we please for the purpose of marketing or our own development as a business.

Trademarks and Copyrights

  • All material appearing on, inclusive of (but not limited to) text, images, site design and logos are property of Neko Suites (Neko Suites Cat Hotel Enterprise).
  • No content (whole or partial) on may be changed, used, or distributed in any form without first acquiring permission from Neko Suites
  • Anyone found using or in possession of Neko Suites’ material may be charged under applicable laws.
  • Whenever Neko Suites uses other materials or information that does not belong to us, we will try our best to credit these to their respective owners. If you find that your material is on without credit, do contact us at nekosuites[at] so we can resolve this issue together in a cordial manner.

External Links and Material may include links to other websites in order to provide more information that we think is helpful to our site visitors and customers. But Neko Suites does not bear any responsibility for the content on such sites (external websites). Additionally, Neko Suites will take no responsibility for any resulting action or consequence from relying on the content, products, services or features listed on these external websites.


  • Neko Suites reserves the right to solve any disputes between our customers and us at our own discretion.
  • If any payment has been made and Neko Suites is unable to provide the paid-for service or product (e.g., promotion cut off, product out of stock, etc), we will refund or reach out to the payee for a possible solution that both parties can agree on amicably.
  • Neko Suites reserves the right to nullify any disputes involving orders that do not have successful payments made.